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[DIREKTSÄNDNING] AIK Varbergs BoIS direktsändning 28 borgemánu 2023

[[[STRÖMNING][]] Varbergs BoIS AIK på tv 17/07/2023

(Sport) Varbergs BoIS Värnamo på tv 19 borgemánu 2023

45+2' Corner awarded to AIK. 45+1' Can AIK get the ball into an attacking position from this throw-in in Varbergs's half? Varbergs's David Olsson is back in action after a slight knock. 44' Joakim Ostling waits before resuming play because David Olsson for Varbergs is still down. 42' AIK have a goal kick. 41' Joakim Ostling signals a free kick to Varbergs. 38' Eliton Junior for Varbergs has been booked by Joakim Ostling and receives a first yellow card.

AIK apply pressure and a brilliant scoring opportunity is created for Dino Besirovic. But the ball crashes against the crossbar! 2' 1' Did you know that Varbergs BoIS scores 30% of their goals between the minutes 0-15? Oliver Stanisic has more yellow cards (4) than any other player at Varbergs BoIS. Bilal Hussein has collected 5 for AIK. Varbergs BoIS scores 0. 77 goals when playing at home and AIK scores 1. 38 goals when playing away (on average). Average number of goals in the first half in meetings between Varbergs BoIS and AIK is 0.

AIK - Varbergs BoIS live resultat, H2H och uppställningar

AIK - resultat, matcher, AIK - Varberg BoIS live

37' Goal! AIK have got their heads in front thanks to a Sotirios Papagiannopoulos strike. 36' Dino Besirovic has recovered and rejoins the match in Varberg. Attention is being given to AIK’s Dino Besirovic and play has been suspended briefly. 35' Varbergs's Luke Le Roux has been booked in Varberg. Free kick for AIK in the half of Varbergs. 33' In Varberg, Varbergs push forward quickly but are pulled up for offside. 32' Throw-in high up the field for Varbergs in Varberg. A throw-in for the home team on the opposite half.

58' Eric Ouma is back on his feet again. Varbergs have a goal kick. AIK are pushing forward but Mads Dohr Thychosen's finish is wide of the goal. 57' 54' Eric Ouma is down and play has been interrupted for a few moments. 53' Kristoffer Nordfeldt (AIK) has received a first yellow card. 52' Oliver Stanisic returns to the field for Varbergs after picking up a slight injury. 50' Play has been interrupted briefly in Varberg to check on Oliver Stanisic, who is grimacing with pain. 49' Free kick for Varbergs in the half of AIK. Varbergs awarded a throw-in in their own half. 48' Joakim Ostling awards the home team a throw-in. Throw-in for AIK in their own half.

22' 21' Can Varbergs get the ball into an attacking position from this throw-in in AIK's half? 19' Ismet Lushaku (Varbergs) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card. Varbergs will need to be alert as they defend a dangerous free kick from AIK. 17' 16' 15' AIK are caught offside. 14' 12' Varbergs pushes forward through Victor Karlsson, whose finish on goal is saved. 10' 8' 7' In Varberg a free kick has been awarded the away team. AIK awarded a throw-in in their own half. 6' Can AIK capitalize from this throw-in deep inside Varbergs's half? AIK have a dangerous throw-in. 5' 4' Joakim Ostling awards Varbergs a goal kick.

90+1' Throw-in for AIK at Varberg Energi Arena. AIK needs to be cautious. Varbergs have an attacking throw-in. 90' Oliver Stanisic (Varbergs) goes close with a header but the ball is scrambled away by AIK defenders. 89' Bilal Hussein is booked for the away team. Can Varbergs capitalize from this dangerous free kick? 87' It's a goal kick for the away team in Varberg. AIK's John Guidetti gets in a shot on goal at Varberg Energi Arena. But the effort is unsuccessful. 86' Joakim Ostling signals a AIK throw-in in Varbergs's half.

AIK Fotboll - Varbergs BoIS FC (måndag 28/8) på TV

AIK - Varbergs BoIS FC 28/8, odds, speltips, streaming

[STRÖMNING<<<<] Varbergs BoIS Mjällby titta på matchen

AIK drive forward but John Guidetti is judged offside. 47' In Varberg a free kick has been awarded the home team. 46' 45' The first-half has come to a close in Varberg. 45+4' Free kick AIK. 45+3' Joakim Ostling awards the away team a throw-in. Goal! AIK extend their lead to 0-2 through Mads Dohr Thychosen. That's a fine assist from Anton Jonsson Saletros.

31' Ball safe as AIK is awarded a throw-in in their half. 30' 29' Varbergs's Dion Krasniqi gets his shot away but it misses the target. 27' Henning Stille Berg (AIK) has taken off Robin Tihi who seemed to be grimacing with pain earlier. A possible injury. Taha Ayari is the replacement. Joakim Ostling signals a Varbergs throw-in in AIK's half. 26' Robin Tihi for AIK is back on the field again. 25' AIK to take a throw-in in Varbergs territory. 23' The match has been stopped briefly for attention to the injured Robin Tihi.

((DIREKTSÄNDNING@)) Varbergs BoIS mot AIK på tv

Varbergs BoIS 1-2 AIK Fotboll - Swedish Allsvenskan

90+7' Rui Manuel Muati Modesto is back on the pitch. The away team have replaced Anton Jonsson Saletros with Jimmy Durmaz. This is the third substitution made today by Henning Stille Berg. Abdussalam Magashy is replacing Dino Besirovic for AIK at Varberg Energi Arena. 90+6' At Varberg Energi Arena, Mads Dohr Thychosen has been yellow-carded for the away team. Robin Tranberg (Varbergs) has been sent off! 90+5' The match at Varberg Energi Arena has been interrupted briefly for a check on Rui Manuel Muati Modesto, who is down injured. Free kick for AIK in their own half. 90+3' 90+2' Throw-in for Varbergs at Varberg Energi Arena.

Varbergs BoIS FC vs AIK

Spelarbetyg: Varbergs BOIS - AIK

AIK - Varbergs BoIS 28.08.2023 - Livescore


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